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Facial Products

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Our facial products will not disappoint. 

Our Turmeric face wash and Rose toner have been a #1 seller and sells our quick and often.

Our Turmeric wash is great for bringing brightness to the skin, reduce scarring and fighting acne.

Our Rose Toner purifies the skin, maintains the skins ph balance, reduce redness. All facial toners should be followed up with a moisturizer and one containing SPF if going outdoors.

We will be introducing our new Peppermint Face wash, Chamomile Toner and Sea moss face cream w/ spf which we are sure will not disappoint as well.


Our Peppermint face wash will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your day or night. The scent is very invigorating. This wash is going to be great for soothing the skin, relieving itchiness, healing any wounds and is also antibacterial.

Our Chamomile toner is anti aging, promotes skin regeneration, reduces fine lines, great for eczema and acne.

And lastly we have our New SPF sea moss face cream. This cream is also anti aging, skin tightening, and able to protect against the sun.

Our New Sea Moss & Clay mask is perfect for detoxifying the skin. This mask is also great for tightening and moisturizing the skin. Mix with water, apple cider vinegar or you liquid of choice and apply to your face and allow to dry. Follow with washing it off with one of our popular face washes. Sensitive skin should apply mask once a week and normal to oily skin twice a week.


Turmeric Facial Gift Set:

Turmeric Face Wash

Rose Toner

Sea Moss Face Cream

Peppermint & Lavender Sea Moss Lip Balm 

Peppermint Facial Gift Set:

Peppermint & Tea Tree Face Wash

Chamomile & Eucalyptus Toner

Sea Moss Face Cream

Peppermint & Lavender Sea Moss Lip Balm


Our For the Fellas Bundle comes with:

Peppermint Face Wash

Chamomile Toner

SPF face cream 

Bar Soap





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No Returns or refunds on this product. New item will be shipped only if product is received broken. Pictures in original packaging will need to be emailed in order to receive replacement. No Refunds for raw sea moss or capsules. No Refunds or returns on Skincare products. New item will be shipped if received broken. Pictures in original packaging need to be emailed to receive replacement.

Customer Reviews

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Tamica Williams
Absolutely Amazing!

During my first trimester in pregnancy I have unfortunately acquired acne… small breakouts around my face primarily around my chin and upper cheeks. I have used the products and with 48 hours I seen a dramatic difference! This product is amazing and I highly recommend!


Products are always fresh and are delivered quickly.
Love all her products. Repeat customer.

Feminine Hygiene Bars

Love the lather, the smell and the results after using this amazing product! I feel cleaner and there is absolutely no irritation. I am a sensitive skin product user and this works for me!

Antonia Elliott
Peppermint and tea tree face wash

The peppermint face wash really loves on my skin. With previous issues having sensitive skin and prone to acne and breakouts, I was hesitant to purchase anything for my face but after reading the ingredients I was sold and it has been great on my skin. I follow up with using the hibiscus toner and facial cream w/ SPF and this is a great daily skincare combo!


The Tumeric face wash is literally my everyday face wash! My skin instantly show’s improvement with a more even complexion, my texture is smoother and softer! Now that clay mask has super powers and I am a product connoisseur (not really lol) and these products are my favorite for not just the results but the peace of mind they are Natural and made by a real Woman. ❤️